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Location: 115 Emerson Court, Lower Todt Hill Staten Island
Type: One Family
Price: $850,000
Parking: Private Drive
Location: 185 Marine Ave 2F Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Featured: Yes
Type: One Bedroom Co-op
Price: $295,000
Maintenance/CC: $615
Location: 683 41st Street, Sunset Park, Brooklyn SOLD!
Type: Two Bedroom Co-op
Price: $425,000
Maintenance/CC: $400.00
Location: 129 79th Street, Bay Ridge SOLD!
Type: One Family
Price: $1,649,000
Location: 8105 4th Avenue #2E, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Type: 1 Bedroom Co-op
Price: $289,000
Maintenance/CC: $480.00
Location: 460 Ovington Ave
Last updated:
Type: Co-op Apartment
Price: $339,000
Maintenance/CC: $727
Location: 317 80th Street SOLD!!
Type: 4 Family
Price: $1,850,000
Parking: No
Location: 8301 Ridge Blvd 4G, Bay Ridge SOLD!
Type: Two Bedroom Co-op
Price: $444,000
Maintenance/CC: $779.84
Location: Bay Ridge 70's
Last updated: 8/11/16
Type: Studio Co-op
Price: $169,000
Maintenance/CC: $296
Location: 7423 Ridge Blvd, Bay Ridge Brooklyn In Contract
Type: Junior 4 Co-op
Price: $349,999
Maintenance/CC: $794
Location: 217 78th Street, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn In Contract
Type: Three Family House
Price: $1,500,000
Location: 1235 Bay Ridge Pkwy, Dyker Heights Offer Pending
Type: Two Family
Price: $1,300,000
Parking: Yes
Location: 1063 78th Street, Brooklyn N.Y. 11228
Type: One Family
Price: $750,000

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